Meet The Staff

Lisa Marie Lindenschmidt
Chief Chocolate-Maker

My life's timeline is punctuated by chocolate highlights. I remember the day Hersey's came out with their Big Block®. I remember my M&Ms®-only diet... and my Yoo-Hoo® diet. I remember discovering that Nestle's Kwik® was just as good eaten by the spoonful as it was stirred into milk. I remember my friend introducing me to Lindt® chocolates. I remember my first chocolate gelato, my first chocolate-covered pretzel, my first Cadbury® Egg. Every memory was also riddled with guilt and excuse-making. I love chocolate and have always found myself justifying its consumption. And then... I stopped. Instead, I began to ritualize my food gathering, preparation, and consumption. I focused on the experience of how that food may me feel – how it smelled, looked, tasted... and affected me hours afterwards. My relationship with my food – and, hence, chocolate – became an exercise in empowerment. I invite you to explore the same.

Morgan (“Mo”) Lindenschmidt
Chief Chocolate-Taster

Mo's amazing sense of taste, brutal and unwavering honesty, and brilliant ideas have been essential to Rite Chocolate's success. I have yet to see her turn down one of my experiments. Though there was that time with the chocolate and the pickles...

James (“Jim”) Lindenschmidt
Website Wrangler and Muse Man

Jim is not only the website designer for Rite Chocolate, he is also the one who keeps everything on an even keel. Thanks, Jim, for your patience and constant cheerleading. (Who knew a kilt could double as a cheerleading outfit?) To learn more about Jim, check out his mead-making experiments at or his recording company, Crafted Recordings.

The Lindenschmidt family also record a weekly podcast – called Sweet Peas Podcast – chronicling their food journey together. Each week they discuss controversial topics and interview key players in the fields of food and nutrition.
To listen to their show, visit the Sweet Peas Podcast webpage.

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