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Karen Knowler “Rite Chocolate,” says its creator Lisa Marie Lindenschmidt, “is spoonable decadence. It's not a bar. It's not a sauce. It's an experience.” And she’s right! Lisa Marie had the great idea to do something different with raw chocolate and that was to put it in a jar so that we, the adoring public, could spoon and enjoy as and when, and it’s fab! Each jar is made with raw, organic, and local ingredients where possible and is so rich that one jar will last you a LONG time. It’s thicker than a sauce so it doesn’t run, this is what makes it so unique. I’ve been enjoying it added to sundaes, to blob onto fruit and simply to spoon when the desire strikes. Beautiful packaging, beautiful concept. Enjoy! (Rite Chocolate was the Product Review of the Month in Karen Knowler's January 2011 "Raw Food Direct" newsletter)
Debbie Y. Sista Love took a bath in some French vanilla ice cream with some fleur de sal caramel the other night. BLISS ON THE TOUNGE!!! Thanks a million for the two best flavors ever! [Note: She ordered Sista Love and Conviction.]
Anthony Anderson How can so much creamery goodness fit in a jar??? To say that it is Divine would be an understatement. Truly a joy!!! WOW! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! YUMMY!!!! ... You rock! I'm so stoked...pure decadence...great recipe!!!!!!!
Heidi and JS Ohlander
Rite Chocolate is what chocolate always wanted to be: creamy, spoonable, and decadent! Chocolate bars are so 20th century...welcome to the future.
Steve Hogarth, lead singer of Marillion I thought I should drop you a quick line to thank you for the chocolate and particularly the curious honour you have bestowed upon me. I don't know anyone who has a chocolate named after them. I occasionally have a finger of Nina Hagen (can one say that?!) and very nice she is, too. I find myself [the Steve Hogarth Rite Chocolate] slightly more aromatic than Nina, but I think I prefer her. My daughter, on the other hand (or finger), prefers me to Nina. I wish you luck with your further inventions/creations. One love.
Lisa Marie's Gramma [After sending her some samples for her birthday] [T]he chocolate was delicious! The Just Be was my favorite! ... I would have loved to eat it all. [She can't have a lot of cacao.] You did good, Lisa Marie.
Tara Y. Just received the BEST thing in the post yesterday ..... 3 jars of Rite Chocolate..... OMG..... Lisa Marie, this is the BEST chocy treat EVER! And I can't decide which is my fave - tho I think I'm a touch more partial to the Lavender & Black Pepper [Finesse from the Fearless Collection]. I have to now learn how NOT to CONTROL everyone's 'fair share' - "no one can be havin' any more than me, now!" :) [My husband] was like an excited boy opening a new toy..... he ripped open the box and grabbed the spoons. Thanks, LM, for quality, yummy, healthy chocolate! xxxx
Amy G. I genuinely like and even love the chocolate Lisa Marie makes. I have tasted many of them, as she often brings me samples and they are mouthwatering. If you love chocolate, you need 2 jars of hers in your house... at all times. ... Every flavor is amazing. It's creamy and beautiful in your mouth. It's like something Vianne would serve in Chocolat. I am not in love with chocolate, but I am in love with this. ...Magickally delicous.
Joe L. I must say, I enter a state of ecstasy with every spoonful. It's SOOO good and so mineral-dense that I am satisfied with one heaping tablespoon per day. I'll set up a small dish to place my chocolate-covered spoon in and lick at it while reading a good book. That spoon will last for like half an hour. I have many ideas for utilizing the chocolatey goodness, but I think I am happiest when just taking a fat glob out each time and slowly savoring it. I also like to enjoy it while taking a bath in a dark room with just a few candles lit.
Ginger M. [Upon trying Steve Hogarth Rite Chocolate] Oh, my good Lord! I just got home and my Steve Hogarth was waiting for me. It is so good that it makes me want to crawl in bed with the jar and the spoon and watch Marillion Cadogen Hall on Blue Ray. I'm going to imagine that it is made from the tears and sweat from Stevie Boy. I'll be ordering more but it's going to be hard to beat the taste of this! Thanks so much, Lisa Marie!"
Mary W. [Upon trying Steve Hogarth Rite Chocolate] I didn't actually know what to expect when I initially ordered this product, having never purchased from this company before, but, because Steve Hogarth and Marillion (the group he is lead singer and lyricist for) have had such an impact on my life, soul and emotions, I just had to try this chocolate. WOW!!!! The flavors blew both my husband and I away, and it really does capture the Fantastic Place-island feeling that his musics stirs in a person. Thank you so very much!!
Heidi H. I received my package yesterday. After a lousy day at work, seeing the box (hadn't even opened it yet) created a total change in the energy around me! Of course, tasting the chocolate was even better. A fine, fine product. Thank you so much; you did Steve Hogarth well! He should be proud.
Miro B. From my sister's Facebook profile: "I'm so moved right now. I just received a package and surprise gift from my little brother in Canada. I LOVE surprises! He sent this amazing chocolate gift called [Sista Love]... from Rite Chocolate. OMG! It is so delicious and this sweetened my entire day." You are a total messenger of love! WOOHOO!
KO B. Absolutely fabulous! Love Rite Chocolate!
Anita W. OMG, got my order today and it is DIVINE! Congrats, Lisa, on a delicious product. I just did a I-can't-believe-these-are-good-ingredients dance!!
Mandy H. OH MY GODS!!! SOOOOO GOOD!!!! Thank you, Lisa Marie Lindenschmidt at Rite Chocolate !! THANK YOU!!!
Keri A. Mmmmm.... Oh, baby! Yes, yes YES!!! OMG... it's sooooo good! Gimme more...' -Me with my first jar of Rite Chocolate by the beautiful Lisa Marie Lindenschmidt
Karen R. I just opened my best gift and blessing of this whole week!! The chocolate is heavenly!! I love the stories that go along with each flavor variety, too. I can't wait to rave about it all!! I think you should add love to your ingredient list, because I taste that, too!!
Roxanne J. I want to thank you very much for your quick delivery. I received your chocolate 2 days before my birthday and ate most of the samples in one day. ...I will spread the word about your fantastic chocolate!
Elizabeth F. ... Incredible! Inspiring! Blissful! ...YEAH!
Crystal D. The chocolate was a hit... it arrived at my work... so of course I had to let the co-workers try it... I then brought it home and my boyfriend said I better keep the chocolate at work or I will come home one day to find an empty jar... LOVE the cardamom!!! Best chocolate ever!!!
Ryan C. Your chocolate is absolutely delicious. Just Be is tasty, Revenge yummy, and Innocence is totally scrumptious. It's safe to say I'll be ordering more in the future...
Carmine L. A haiku submitted by a Rite Chocolate fan: mystic chocolate / so exquisitely yummy / you need your own spoon
Jensey G. Reminds me of something Rumi said: "Every object, every being, is a jar full of delight." Lisa Marie has managed to place special combinations of objects and beings into her jars of Rite Chocolate so that we are spooning a bit of ourselves back into ourselves for an out-of-this-world flavor experience. I bow down to thee, oh mistress of the jar. Om .... Yum!
Laura B. The gift of samplers arrived and they [my sister's family] did a tasting [with] everyone around the table...verdict? "Wow. This stuff is good! It's very rich and flavorful." A very successful birthday present!
Sarah O. [S]oooo rich, YUM, & energizing!
Angie L. Lisa!!! Oh, my goodness!!!!! We just received our first jar of Rite Chocolate in the mail today... Words cannot describe what happened to Emilio and I when we ate our first spoonful of your chocolate!!!!!! Holy god, it's incredible!!!!!! It's honestly the best raw chocolate we have ever tasted, ever. Emilio could NOT stop eating it. It's truly an emotional experience!!!! You make the best chocolate ever!!!!!!! We love you!!!!!
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